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PaulsRobot Iconic

PaulsRobot Iconic screenshot is the entry-level (more or less) site for free PaulsRobot session delivery. It is mobile-friendly, responsive to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. It is pretty much self-contained, with one effective session module (Trio) and lots of pages of explanations. is the comprehensive site for free PaulsRobot session delivery. It is huge, with full explanations and 30 session modules ranging from entry-level to impossible. is this site you are currently reading. It contains the full functionality of both the "Trio" session pages at and the "Dipoles" session pages at, but in a form less verbal and more iconic. It is intentionally a bare-bones framework, not a site for people new to the PaulsRobot paradigm. The introductory pages at, with explanations of Rub & Yawn and the whole PaulsRobot system, have not been copied over to this lean (free) PaulsRobot2 site.


*Iconic is an elegant new framework for a PaulsRobot module. Each Trio/Dipoles session page has just about the same functionality as their Trio/Dipoles counterparts at and respectively. Two more PaulsRobot modules should be available on the Iconic platform soon -- HeavyDuty and Morph. But Iconic is very different in two respects, the links and the auto-report.


The links to the choices for next screen are shown as icons rather than in words, with the most common next screen indicated by a regular green "play" button.


A "?" help button shows all the icons used in Iconic and what they mean. And all the words of explanation that were on a session page have been moved to a separate info page, accessible by an "i" button. The "?" button shows identical info page to page in the Trio, Dipoles and Common folders. The "i" button only shows information relevant to that particular page.



Each session page contains a text area at the top for keeping an ongoing report of the session as it happens. This report is generated by your browser so no personal information you put in it is sent to the website. Text is entered into it in four ways:

1. Keyboard

This will be familiar to you, as either a manual keyboard with a laptop or desktop computer or a virtual keyboard on an iPad or smartphone.

2. Microphone

This is rarely used with desktop computers, but newer mobile devices often allow one to speak (clearly) aloud and the words appear as text on the screen. Modern software is surprisingly accurate at this.

3. Auto input from frame (lower) icons

When you click/press the icon for "Start of session", the current time and the words "Start of session" will automatically appear on the report. Similarly for the other icons that lead to a new page. So if you are running Reach & Withdraw, as you alternate the pages in the session the report will automatically show "R W R W R ..." as you go along.

4. Manual input from carrier-page (upper) icons

There are five icons that enter "rub", "yawn", "sigh", the current time, and "xxxx" (user-defined). Since PaulsRobot is based around Rub & Yawn procedures, you should be doing a lot of it, and it should be helpful to you for the report to show this activity and when it takes place.

Trio Example

Here, "xxxx" is being used to signify "no reaction, nothing happening now".

In that example the only text entered by keyboard was the SUDS* score at the beginning and end, the topic, and the comments "for now" and "Better session than expected." Everything else in the report was generated either automatically or by pressing/clicking the rub/yawn/xxxx buttons.

*SUDS = Subjective Units of Distress Scale (see Wikipedia article).

Copy/paste the report to save it!

The report will not automatically save itself anywhere, so copy/paste it somewhere to save it. If you don't do that, when you shut down Iconic your session report will disappear forever. Note that the textbox on this page is "live" and you can edit the text in it, but when you refresh/reload this page it reverts to the default text originally there.

Carrier page options

iFrame widthTrioDipolesHeavy-DutyMorph
240 pxhereheresoonsoon
300 pxhereheresoonsoon
360 pxhereheresoonsoon
480 pxhereheresoonsoon
540 pxhereheresoonsoon
720 pxhereheresoonsoon
1080 pxhereheresoonsoon
1440 pxhereheresoonsoon

The text box for the report in the carrier page starts off at a fixed width. It is supposed to be adjustable by dragging a tiny area on the bottom right of the box, and on a regular monitor this probably works. On an iPad it doesn't seem to, and on a smartphone it may do so but it's fiddly. To get around this to some extent, there is a choice of formats. On a desktop or laptop, you can easily adjust the width of the browser window and this will adjust the width of the yellow manual icons, but the frame page icons will be of fixed width for that format option.

Inline frames / javascript

Inline frames (iFrames) are used extensively with Iconic: along with the javascript on the carrier page this all makes it work. The same carrier page showing the yellow icons remains in view throughout the session. What changes is that separate frames/pages are loaded into the carrier page every time you click/press one of the lower icons.

"Quit" link

The "Quit" link in the bottom right corner will start you off again at this page, with the default text showing in the textbox. Useful if you can't get back to the page you want. Remember to copy/paste the report if you want to save it before using "Quit".

Practise with it before a real session

Once you get the hang of it, it's very quick and easy. But it can be frustrating at first until you get used to it and see what you can do and what you can't do with this Iconic system.


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