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About me

Well, this won't take long.

My name is Paul Adams. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I was born in 1950. I have lived an undistinguished life. The counselling I did in the US was as an ordained minister. I was first ordained in 1984 and then again in 1999 with the Universal Life Church.

I am easy to find online. I have a bunch of other websites, such as Yawnguy, PaulsRobot, PaulsRobot3, Yawn and Grow Rich, PaulsRabbit and more. I also have over 20,000 forum posts on related topics, most with the user name Dulloldfart. I have videos at several YouTube channels such as Yawnguy, PaulsReadings, esmbdof, Zapperchap and PaulsRobot3.

Terms of Use / Disclaimer

This won't take long either.

Like it says at the bottom of each page, you use these web pages at your own risk. They were written by someone who isn't a licensed psychologist or health-care professional. They are available free of charge to anyone.

Privacy policy

PaulsRobot collects no personal information from you, and creates no cookies. Any web site by default logs non-personally-identifying basic information like which operating system and browser you use.

About PaulsRobot

Rub & Yawn is an experimental procedure, not recognised by mainstream science. Mainstream science thinks the reason one yawns is (probably) to get more oxygen into the blood stream. Rub & Yawn was discovered and developed by me. There is an extensive background of similar researches that I have drawn on — I have not conjured it up out of thin air. I have been intimately involved with stress-release procedures since 1972.

I have written up these web pages and maintain the relevant web sites all by myself. There is no organization, no rich Foundation, no group of research scientists that has been conducting careful research for ten years. Not even a secretary. Just me.

This is a lifetime labour of love. I sincerely wish you well with it all.


You can email me at