"All right. Run through each question on the report, marking your answer as you go. Then, if everything is OK, start the session."

Response options include

Audio dump
on-off button
I've gone through and marked the answer to each question. It all seems OK -- let's start the session.
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Sessions tend to go well to the extent that you are/have:

1. Well-rested, and not tired

2. Well-fed, and not hungry or thirsty

3. Not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

4. Willing to follow the instructions for this session

5. Not expecting any distractions, with phone/radio turned off etc

6. Enough time for this session.

7. Anything else? If all OK, proceed . . .


Each session page contains an audio file of that page's session direction. Some devices will play this automatically as soon as the page/file loads, and some won't. There is also a control on each page to stop/play this audio file manually if you wish.

*Audio dump

There is sometimes a delay with the audio when opening a page. The audio dump will play every audio file at once, in this way putting them into your browser cache to speed things up. It won't take long. The volume might seem louder than the other session audios.

Two audio dump pages

Sometimes the browser overloads if too many audio files are played at once. So they have been split over two pages.